SERVPRO of Ashland / Richland Employee Photos

Male employee with brown hair wearing a black shirt and khakis smiling in front of a plain background.

Seth McDaniel

Seth is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at SERVPRO of Ashland/Richland. He joined us fresh out of college, having graduated with a Bachelor's in Business, with an emphasis on Marketing. He's very excited to be doing what he loves, and when asked what his favorite thing about SERVPRO is, he said "Everyone is super nice. I was a little nervous on my first day because I didn't know anyone, but almost everyone came up and introduced themselves to me throughout the first week, it was really cool!" Seth's most memorable experience is "Getting to see downtown Cleveland for the first time while working on a job, [he'd] never been there, so it was pretty awesome." When not working, he enjoys video editing and gaming as a hobby.